We Are Hiring

At maximum Brokerage, employment opportunities are available. We are always looking for motivated and experienced brokers to join us in our Houston office. If you are considering a career in this area or have good industry experience, please send us your resume at

If you have no experience and you are interested in oil broking, and would like to understand the business, you can write to us. Learn more.

Join Us and Get Skilled

We take immense pleasure to welcome young and enthusiastic people to join our team and grow. While working with an established team, you get the chance to learn about the responsibilities towards the growth of the business.

We are a team of experts, and bridge the gap between down-stream chemical demands back through to gasoline. When you work with us as a broker, you get the opportunity to work with producers, consumers, merchant blenders, and trading companies in the market. We help you maintain and develop the demands of the ever-changing petrochemical business. This way, you gain knowledge and good experience to boost your career.

Employment Opportunities